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Yet More Silly Correspondance from My Mom(s)

Moms and technologically

I am STILL alive! Procrastinatory Friday may have extended for several months but I’m back baby. What type of procrastination have I been doing lately? The kind that involves learning about the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Torts, and Contracts, that’s what! Oh, and throw in some Legal Writing and Research.

I’ll get to the law school stuff some day, but let’s do an update on Moms first. These aren’t the best silly mom things, but they’re still pretty silly.

The first is from an email I got from my mom a few days ago after I sent her this video:

Many of the cat videos referenced in the video are probably familiar to you, but it seems that they were new to my mom. This is what she had to say:

That was funny. The cat walking on its hind legs at the start certainly draws you in. Loved the cat swinging on the fan. They’re so silly.

If that wasn’t enough, here’s a little snippet from my friend Lisa. Apparently her mom sent her an email early one morning and started it off with:

“Hope I didn’t wake you.”

Ohhhhh moms, you continue to delight. Keep up the good work!

Silly E-mails (and Phone Calls) from My Mom’s Mom

The next installment in the silly e-mails from my mom series.

By now you must have figured out that I am a pretty silly and dorky person. As you know, silliness and dorkiness don’t just spring from anywhere. Sometimes it stems from a father who tells too many puns, a mother who sends you a Valentine’s Day eCard featuring jazz playing hamsters (the other C knows what I’m talking about), or especially enthusiastic grandmothers. In the past I’ve shared examples of ridiculous e-mails my mom sends me from time to time. Lately she’s sent some more serious e-mails so you’ll just have to wait for the next gem. However, I had a pretty amusing interaction with my grandmother the other day, which I thought was worth posting about.

Two days ago, my grandmother left me a voice message explaining a dilemma she’d fallen into. She started watching the Korean TV drama, “I Really, Really Like You,” which she had rented in DVD form from her local library. She’d finished Volume 1, headed back to her library, and discovered that they didn’t have Volume 2. So she headed to the Google to see what she could find. Although she’s 86 ot 87, she is pretty resourceful when it comes to the internet. The only version she could find cost $50 on Amazon, so she decided to call me to see if I had any suggestions for her.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a cheaper DVD for her, but noticed that Hulu linked to another site that offers it for free online. As a result, I may have created a new Hulu addict…oh dear. After I e-mailed her the link, she sent me one response this morning. In it she said:

The episodes on the 2 set would be from 17 to 34. See if you can find the DVD since I would prefer watching it hat way. However, If that is not possible I will just watch it on the computer. Each segment lasts about 45 minutes and there were 3 on each disk.

Less than an hour after she sent that e-mail, she sent this reply:

It is really episode 19 that starts the last part. I was able to get it and started top get hooked watching it. I had to quit or I will never get anything done today. Grandma

This may not seem that silly to you, but it most certainly is to me. I mean, my grandma is obsessed with a Korean drama and may now spend all her time online watching episodes of it, heehee.

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