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UPDATE: My Mom (Sorta) Learns How to Use Screenr

The latest installment in the “Silly E-mails from My Mom” series.

A couple weeks ago, I posted an e-mail my mom had sent me about her latest discovery: Skitch. It included an amazing screenshot of herself and my cat. Then, last week I wrote about tutorials for Screenr– a website where you can create screencasts- and screenshots. My mom decided to try making screencasts for herself and is sending them to family members. They must be shared with the world.

What she wrote in the e-mail (addressed to my uncle and myself):

Caroline just taught me how to do a screencast. I went to Pages (iWork) and looked for some templates. They had a sailing template, so I tried a screencast using it. It’s only five seconds, but I thought you might have some fun with this. I’m sure Caroline would love to help. Might start a new career!

Here’s the link: http://screenr.com/Daq

To learn how to do this, and a few other things, go to www.carolinedickie.com.

You could have the girls do a Christmas greeting for their grandmothers.

Screencast #1

Screencast #2

Mom- some tips:

1) A screencast should actually do something because they’re meant to be used for tutorials. In your Skitch screencast, try moving your cursor over the text you’d like to point out rather than mentioning that there’s text on the screen.

2) You have a full five minutes to record your screencast so don’t rush!

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My Mom Learns How to Use Skitch

The latest installment in the E-mails from my Mom series. Visit the first one here.

I was going to blog about what I learned at Super Happy Dev House yesterday, but this was just too good to pass up.

Either my mother has yet to figure out that my blog now has a series dedicated to her e-mails or she doesn’t care. I say this because a couple of hours ago I received one from her titled, “Something fun.” It is amazing.

The text content:

In case you’re not familiar with Skitch, check out the link my mom included.

To show me how Skitch works, she came up with this:

I’m not sure which is better, the halo over my cat or the arrow pointing herself out as “Mom.”

Precious. Nice work, Mom.

Update: my mom just e-mailed me to ask if one of my friends has a “Twitter name.”