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More Reasons to Love SF: Proximity to Monterey Bay

An attempt to keep up the blogging this fair year of 2011

I promise (at least to myself) that one of these days I will post more frequently than once every 10 days or so. WordPress started a challenge for 2011, which involves either posting every day or every week in 2011. Well, it’s now January 12 and this is my second post of the year, so clearly the every day challenge ain’t gonna fly. But! I could most likely do the once a week challenge. Let’s hope I make the January 2012 Caroline proud.

Anyways, on to the post. As I’ve mentioned before, living in San Francisco is wonderful. Not only is it a beautiful city filled with some of the best tasting and freshest food on earth, but it’s also incredibly close to fantastic places. Need a taste of winter? Drive to Tahoe. Want wine? There’s Sonoma and Napa for ya. Want something a tad warmer by the sea? Hop on the beautiful Highway 1 and head to Monterey Bay, which is exactly what the other C and I did this Sunday. I should add that we spent Saturday in Chinatown being charmed by an elderly Chinese man in the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory (awesome place).

It took us about two and a half hours to drive to Monterey. Monterey itself is fairly touristy and filled with rich retirees, but the nature surrounding it is spectacular. I’ve been to a fair amount of aquariums in my day and I’d definitely say this one ranked up there with the best of them. If you’re close by and have a few hours to spare, I’d definitely recommend it. I’ve included some of my fave photos for the day. The rest can be found on my Flickr page.

Who knows where I’ll head to next.

There and Back Again

Recently I’ve managed to catch up with some friends and family I haven’t seen or spoken with in a long time. The usual first statement seems to be along the lines of, “I can never figure out where you are. You’re always in different places!” And, true to form, I suppose I always sort of am. No, I’m not visiting different countries or taking road trips to each corner of the continent. But I have kept myself busy and I’m certain that I’m only going to get busier over the next couple of months.

The highlights:

Drinking whiskey with a few of my male cousins in Pittsburgh after my cousin’s wedding.

Making it to Oregon for the first time to reunite with some Trinity friends. In addition to seeing waterfalls, vineyards, and hazel farms, I saw a real life Delorean.

A journey down Highway 1 with my parents to Carmel. They reminisced over their honeymoon, which followed the same route, and I enjoyed discovering the Carmel Mission.

Watching my friends drive their 60 foot MUNI bus, freshly transformed into the Playapillar, around Burning Man for over a week.

Showing my Dutch friend, who had never been to the US before, the joys of pick-up trucks, Mexican food, skyscrapers, casinos, and Lake Tahoe.

Other things I shall not mention here. 🙂

The lower lights:

Deadly week long sinus infection.

Never ending physical therapy for my shin splints- I suppose this is a good thing but I am ready for it to be done.

Intense study sessions and near panic attacks thanks to the all mighty LSAT.

That is all I’ll say tonight. Hopefully I’ll get this thing back up and running shortly!