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Super Happy Dev Whatever

Hangin’ at a dojo, but sadly not the martial arts kind.

It’s Saturday afternoon and instead of partaking in a Santa themed bar crawl (Santacon 2010), I am sitting on a couch at Mountain View’s Hacker Dojo for Super Happy Dev House. I’m pretty sure I’m one of 10 females here- I’m guessing there are at least 100 people here overall. The picture I’ve included of the other C is sort of supposed to be a representation of the geekery here, but I’d say he’s a bit cooler than the rest (just a bit).

At least it’s supposed to rain so I shouldn’t be too sad about spending the day on my computer. My goal is to learn something awesome so I’m not such an internet n00b anymore. While everyone else here is discussing iPhone apps, language code that sounds kind of like qoeiurfsrerery, and probably Star Trek, I will be reading CSS: The Missing Manual. I will possibly update later if I figure something out, or am not feeling horribly lazy.

Attempting to amp up the nerdery while C is out of town.

Learning the Ways of the Geek [HTML 101]

I realize I’m over a decade late on this, shut up.

There’s nothing like returning from your average Sunday night drag show (this week’s theme: Tranny Lennox) to attempt to learn some geeky computer stuff.

Back in high school I had to take a web design class as part of a computer education requirement in order to graduate (helllooooo prepositional phrases!). I learned some html using Microsoft Front Page, which I’m not sure still exists. A Google search results in the Wikipedia entry and something about the 2003 version, so I’m guessing probably not. Using my extremely advanced skills, I created an html page dedicated to selling cows (yes, I had quite matured by the tender age of 17). Well, a few years have passed and I figure it’s about time I properly learn how to do some of this stuff.

Earlier today, the other C showed me a few things, including Photoshop (which is a lot like my fave childhood game: Kid Pix!). I’m still trying to figure out how to do all these things (and don’t even have a decent text edit program or Photoshop on my computer) but perhaps I can take a stab at something simple. Here goes nothin’. I make no apologies if your computer and/or your eyes crashes and burns upon viewing this.

Conner is a n00b

Conner is a n00b

Conner is a n00b

Conneris an00b

Just check out all that scrolling text! In so many directions! Excuse me while I go pop Eiffel 65’s “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” into my MiniDisc player. That is what the kids are listening to these days, right?

This may be the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. Even more so than that stunning cow website.