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Do You Buzz and Me [Blatant Self-Promotion]

For being unemployed I happen to be a pretty busy person, hence the recent silence on here. In the last couple of weeks I’ve written cover letters, done some freelance social media stuff for Blinktag Inc., headed to the beach, visited Virginia City for the 4th of July, cried for Argentina (ouch) after the Germans destroyed them, and done my best to avoid studying for my upcoming Accounting exam (yuck).

I also stopped by Parisoma, a very cool “innovation loft”/co-working space, to meet with Evy and Sylvia from Doyoubuzz. Doyoubuzz, which was started in France a few years ago, is a free online resume builder site. If you’d like to see an example of a super awesome one, visit mine (hehe)!

My friend Lisa recommended I try it a couple of months ago, I did, and am now a definite fan. It’s easy to use, especially if you’re like me and have no graphic design skills. Doyoubuzz is hoping to move away from paper resumes and CVs, which is definitely an idea I can get behind. They’ve done pretty well in Europe and are hoping to gain more ground in the States- I have no doubts that they’ll succeed.

They’ve started a new project for their blog, which involves interviewing some of the site’s users, such as extremely cool people myself. You can read my interview here. It was great meeting Evy and Sylvia, learning more about the company, and hearing their job hunting tips.

Having the opportunity to visit interesting spaces and learn about how young startups have grown and what their strategies for further development are is yet another reason why I’m happy to have moved to San Francisco. Even if I don’t yet have a job I’m happy to know I’m surrounded by creative and incredibly helpful people!

I believe it’s now time to return to the land of T Accounts and Double Entries…someone save me from my accounting class!