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Chewy Comes to London

Over the past week I’ve had a visitor come to town all the way from Massachusetts. He’s not very tall, rather furry, and his speech is not entirely coherent.

Who is he? A little guy named Chewy. One of my former classmates from Japanese class in Boston decided to send Chewy to some of his buddies around the world. He has his picture taken in different places, a bit of that country’s currency added to his little bag, and some sort of trinket added to his person (wookie?). I believe the adventures began on a roof deck but I don’t know the full story. He’s also been down to Mexico.

I think it’s a pretty neat idea and I’d definitely be interested in doing something similar for my friends from the LSE. They’re all spread out over the globe (Pakistan, India, Singapore, Brazil, Canada, and different parts of Europe and the US to name a few places) so visiting everyone would take a very long time (and get pretty expensive). Perhaps a cute little flash drive could do the job nicely.

Anyways, back to Chewy. He happened to be lucky enough to get to London in time for Elephant Parade, which is similar to Cow Parade, but with elephants (go figure!). He’s hopped on a couple of trunks, swung by Borough Market, checked out an old telephone box, and even visited Queen Victoria (and Princess Di)’s old pad, Kensington Palace. Wish I could have taken him more places, but I’m moving tomorrow!

I’ve posted pictures above but you can also see them on Flickr.

He’s off to India next and should head to Vietnam and Nepal after that. Wish I could join him!