Two Thousand Eleven

A brief return to technology.

Why yes, my little blog, I have missed you. However, it has been incredibly freeing to barely check my e-mail or go online over the last week or so. I almost regret beginning this blog entry but it is simply too late to abandon it now!

I don’t do resolutions but I do like to reflect a bit on what happened over the last year and think about what may be different by this time next year. So now, a quick recap of 2010- an overall awesome year.

-I totally failed my goal of reading 50 books. I think the count came to a pathetic 20, unless I allow myself to count a book I mostly read and a couple others I’m halfway through. Haven’t decided if I’m going to keep up a count this year.

-Applied for many jobs and got many rejections- it was, in many ways, a very tough year.

-Ran my first 5k race, realized I could easily run 10k, then wound up in physical therapy for months because of shin splints.

-Reconnected with many friends from middle school, high school, college, grad school, and beyond.

-Visited the Netherlands and Oregon for the first time.

-Went to Nevada five times.

-Decided to move to San Francisco and apply to law school.

-Made it to Cleveland three times to visit family.

-Went to two weddings- one in Pittsburgh, the other in Texas.

-Finally made it back East, if only for a couple days and with barely any time to see anyone.

-Tried learning a little html and CSS.

-Picked up more contracting work, which makes life a bit more exciting.

-My favorite thing: started dating the other C.

-Had the best New Year’s Eve ever (fireworks, ski shots, laughs and smiles)

Overall I’d say this year has been filled with much uncertainty. The stress that comes with not being able to find a full time job, despite trying pretty much everything, is incredibly frustrating. When I return to San Francisco in a few days, a lot of that uncertainty will remain, which scares me. But I don’t regret anything that’s happened over the last year. I’m happier now than I have been in a long time. Not only am I always happy to go back to San Francisco, but it also feels like home to me now. I’ve taken the time I wouldn’t have had otherwise to get closer to people, learn new things, and repair my legs.

My hopes (not resolutions) for 2011:
-To get into an awesome law school and to not have that kill me.
-To find an internship and some more contract work.
-To design my own website.
-To visit another new state and country (or international city)-this is pretty much my goal every year.
-To get back into martial arts.
-To reconnect with other old friends who I have been horrible about keeping in touch with.
-To properly visit the East Coast.
-To keep being happy.

Woop woop

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