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Some More of the Stupidest Websites on the Internet [Part 3]

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Being that my browser knows me so well and that I am an excellent speller (uhh…please ignore all typos from now on and from previous posts), I hardly every type in the wrong URL to some of my favorite sites. Sure I might mistype something into a Google search but by then Google has figured out how to correct my mistake and offered a correction. Thanks to them, I hardly ever land on the wrong site.

Earlier today, the other C had me type in wrong URLs for popular websites, such as Facebook. The results had us both giggling and inspired me to keep going. I experimented with replacing “.com” for “.org” or “” and in other cases misspelled the site’s name by a letter or two. Now I will use Screenr and Storify to display the results of my quest. I suppose I could just use screenshots or embed everything directly in here, but this is more fun and leaves me with less fussing about with alignment, etc.

Have any of you ever come across any super ridiculous websites as a result of a mistyped URL?

My Mom the Social Media Guru

The next installment of the Sillly E-mails from My Mom Series.

You may have noticed that it’s been a while since I’ve updated this series. Well, that’s because I spent a couple weeks with my mom over the holidays so haven’t received as many e-mails from her. Of course she said some silly things, but it’s just not the same as what happens in e-mail form. I should note a pretty ridiculous quote of my dad’s, “Hey Caroline, I just got this great new Macbook Air! It has 250 memory dudes!” Whoah! Memory dudes!

Since I’ve come back to San Francisco, it seems as though my mom has entered the world of social media consultancy for local shopkeepers. I received an e-mail from her the other day entitled, “Need tweet idea.” Here’s what she wrote:

I stopped at a store where Jenna can predict the weather because of titanium in her leg. I told her to tweet this to advertise the store and the weather forecast. Do you have any suggestions for how she should tweet this to take advantage of her abilities? Maybe she needs a name like “titanium_jenna”.

She also forwarded me a bit of her correspondence with one of the shopkeepers in which she advised her to begin using Twitter and Facebook to advertise the store.

I think “titanium_jenna” is a pretty good twitter handle, although perhaps a bit long. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for my mom? If so, please leave a comment and I’ll forward them on to her.

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