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It all began with what was supposed to be a quick bite to eat…

It seems that more frequently than not lately I’ve been writing about not being able to keep up with either WAG or my reading. I am so far behind I don’t even know how many books I should have read by now. I’m sad to have missed this past WAG because I really liked the topic. Maybe I’ll break the rules and write it anyways, but not tonight.

I was going to write about how sometimes everything in life feels like it’s falling into place, even if all I want to do some days is saunter into Kensington Gardens and admire the daffodils. Instead, I’ll tell you about the last few days, or at least the bits I dare share with the internets.

As the title suggests, Friday night was supposed to be calm and possibly productive. On our way out the door a friend drops the bomb on us, he doesn’t want to make a big deal, but it’s his 30th birthday. Of course we made a big deal. Less than 12 hours later we’d wandered through the Castro with obscene cookies and cheap champagne and argued over who was going to drive us to Reno.

We get a car, cross the Bay Bridge, and realize that the only device with music on it is my dying computer. Luckily someone’s brought a Kindle and we can have story time. There’s nothing quite like Mark Twain and Twilight to get you through the Sierra Nevada. One friend, who was on his way to the Silver State for the first time, fell asleep before our ascent into windy roads and sage covered landscapes. He appropriately managed to wake up just in time to see a freight train pass us by. “Where are we?” he hazily muttered. Welcome to the West my friend.

Most people scowl at me when I mention I love trips to Reno. It may be sleazy but it holds a certain charm that Las Vegas lacks. There are no tourists in Reno, no roller coasters, nor Bellagio ceilings. Instead an evening of karaoke can transform anyone into a local celebrity, $20 can keep you at Black Jack until 4am (if your luck is good), and no one knows what gems may be discovered at one of the city’s fine thrift stores. If you get bored, head to Sparks for the pirate ship themed bar, stay in town for the Bowling Hall of Fame, or join in a beer pong tournament (and lose terribly to a bunch of bros). If you ask nicely, a barista at the one Starbucks (across from the Wild Orchid) may make you a Cap’n Crunch Berry frappuccino. Like anywhere else, if you bring the right crowd, you are bound to have a magical time.

The journey home involved a “business epic” photo shoot at Lake Tahoe and storytelling from one of Amazon’s free top downloads- please don’t ever read Midnight in Madrid. Back in SF I remember that I have accidentally locked myself out of my room. The next day, a locksmith saved my life.

Life goes back to normal gradually. A job interview, a night in with one of the new roomies, a trip to Ikea. Then it once more goes very much downhill. The Celtics lose after almost winning it back. I get up to grab a quick bite to eat and hear those dreaded words from another friend, “You know, today’s my birthday…”

One of these days you people will stop getting older and I will be able to continue reading.

Procrastinatory Update

Oh dear, I’ve failed! Well, not yet, but I’m definitely 4 or 5 books behind where I should be. I’ve got 2 or 3 books in progress but I’ve been busy damnit! This post is simply to get myself back on track so I wind up reading more than a whopping 15 books this year.

What have I been up to over the last month or so? Oh, you know, job applications and interviews, working on awesome scarves, hanging out in San Francisco and Nevada, and seeing Lady Gaga live in concert. Take a look for yourself.

I think I should get back to reading soon…but who knows!